Castle with 16 Rooms

What is Castle ?
An outbound assessment and learning experience like never before, combining experiential problem solving, interpersonal skills development as also, self and peer insight, in an offsite retreat environment. A highly interactive, engaging and fun experience, which provides opportunities for children to test and discuss their challenges and successes in an open, non-threatening external environment. 

Why a Castle with 16 Rooms ?
A Castle with 16 Rooms will be a mix of physical fun activities, facilitated engaging discussions, as also live storytelling covering key elements of coping skills and self awareness, enriching the children with experiences that prepare them to take on the challenges that life throws their way. 

Objectives :

  • To index participants basis their current level on critical life skills.
  • To help participants understand their aptitudinal fit for various occupations.
  • To aid the development of the above mentioned skills in participants by providing knowledge and opportunities for experiential learning.
  • To facilitate application of learnings taken from ‘A Castle with 16 Rooms’ and empower participants to cope with challenges effectively.
  • To provide feedback and counselling supports to parents, thus creating an environment that supports participants in their journey towards becoming self-sufficient. 
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