Castle with 16 Rooms

A Castle With 16 Rooms is an Exploratory Journey. Designed as an interactive team workout, it emphasizes on core principles of teaming, with supports from fine tools and live games/simulations.
Some of the Salient's of this Experiential Learning include:
1.”Discovery Walks” with Buddies.
2. Storytelling around suggestive themes.
3. Adventure around Trust walks to test each other on Trust Index!
4. Magical games to stretch the team.

A CASTLE WITH 16 ROOMS program is a mix of physical fun activities, engaging discussions, and live storytelling that covers key enabling elements of relationships and trust building which leads to a magical bond within a group.

Essential Pillars of Team Work:

Pillar 1: Synchronicity - 
“ View a combustion engine head in any auto simulation . The simple and noteworthy sight and the sound, is of pistons firing at different times, with all of them spaced and timed to do so at synchronized intervals. Probably that makes their collective power awesome and the visual appealing! Any good team has to have similar characteristics if it has to enjoy a collective strength as also an appeal. Synchronization is aligning individual performers for a collective effect, that, being orchestrated, is musical.”

Pillar 2: Supportiveness -
“When we do wish to construct a large structure, we usually emplace large pillars, always more than one- to support growth vertically, as also to share the weight of other pillars. The collective load is spared thin across pillars so that there are no there are no fractures to anyone by uneven spread. Teams too need such supportive pillars if they have to carry a large weight”.

Pillar 3: Responsiveness -
“ If we are able to smell the ether in air early, our alertness could forewarn us of hanging virus, infection or disease. A heightened and alert sensitivity antennas give us a lead time that not only helps protect against an approaching epidemic but also propels us to respond with speed. Managing pace to sharpen responses is a productive tool of a high performance team.

Pillar 4: Competitiveness -
“Not engaged by mere agreeableness to each other in teams. It is the initiation within a person that pushes him to reach and compete with people from varied ‘isms’, groups, classes across cultures. The person sincerely enjoys the competition, as also testing himself vis-a-vis others. The underlying motive is to challenge one another and in the process “up-the-ante of performance! Building strong ties and changing the weak ones to outstretch define Competitiveness”.

A retreat experience like never before that combines experiential team building, goal commitment, self and peer insight. It is a highly interactive, engaging and FUN workshop which provides opportunities for participants to test and discuss their challenges / successes in an external environment .
                                                      "The outdoor games were very involving; the anecdotes shared and AV clips shown gave a lot of inspiration to think fresh"
                                                                                          RAVI MEHTA  :  CUSTOMER SERVICE & DELIVERY  :    AIRTEL
                                                                                                                   RAMOJI FILM CITY HYDERABAD