Coaching / Counselling

Coaching refers to teaching, training and developing individuals to achieve goals. We assess the performance by designing standardized tests, structures and models such as

  •  Quadro and WPI to give you expert insights on your inclinations towards different careers
  •  Statistical methodologies have been used to make the tools more predictive and reliable in nature
  •  Your career inclinations would also involve your strength areas and aspirations
  •  Our expert advice which facilitates developing skills, learning new behavior for personal growth and professional advancement. This in turn helps to identify the skills and capabilities that are within the person enabling them to use them to the best of their ability.

We deal with a wide range of Professional coaching aimed to help clients to shift their perspectives and thereby discover different solutions.

  • Our career coaching focuses on work and career issues using techniques that are typically drawn not only for coaching but also for mentoring, advising and consulting. 
  •  Business coaching stresses on positive support, feedback and advice to an individual or group basis to improve their personal effectiveness in the business setting. Business coaching includes executive coaching, corporate coaching and leadership coaching.
  •  Executive coaching is designed to facilitate professional and personal development to the point of individual growth and improved performance. This  include career transition, improved interpersonal and professional communication, performance management, organizational effectiveness, managing career and personal changes, developing executive presence, enhancing analytical  thinking ability, dealing with conflict and team building within an organization. 

Counselling of staff is becoming an essential function of the organisations as in today's fast-paced corporate world; there is virtually no organisation which is stress free. Our counselling services are specially integrated to make employees realize the importance of having a stress-free yet motivated and capable workforce. Expert counselling is provided to help employees to face and sail through difficult times by guiding, consoling, advising, sharing and helping them to resolve their problems whenever the need arises.

An Individual is monitored through various standardised tests and on the basis of the findings a properly designed form of counselling is used by the experts which helps to develop the work related performance and behaviour of the employees, to resolve the conflicts and tribulations and to re-enforce the desired results which further facilitates individual to

  •  Have a  better understanding of  himself
  • To understand the situations and look at them with new perspective and positive outlook
  • To be  better decision maker
  • Search alternate solutions to problems
  • Coping with the situation and the stress

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