Engineering Aptitude Tests

Employability tests helps in identifying talent though various standardised and reliable tests. Employability tests assess the talent and inherent potential of an individual .These tests provides the opportunity to hire the right person for the right job. 


Mechanical Engineering

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Engineering Aptitude Test for Mechanical Engineering

Welcome to the Three Step process:
1. QUADRO : 40 Questions which would predict your likely behaviour in given situations.
2. PENTA 5  : 25 Questions to test your Cognitive Abilities and rates you on your critical reasoning and allied Scales.
3. EAT        : 40 Questions to check your Engineering Aptitudinal fit in both absolute and relative (to others) terms. 

To choose an answer click on the round button against the appropriate options, each question would have 3 or 4 answer options.

Total Questions: 105
Time: 60 Mins