PRISM ( Available for Arvind Mills only )

PRISM is a strength finding process for Leaders. It makes predictive recommendations basis potential mapping for futuristic roles. It sensitizes leaders, through feedbacks, with core Behavioural Imperatives and their impact on their performance and growth.


Available Tests

PRISM 2D (Kannada Version) ©


TEST -TD (English Version) ©


  • The PRISM questionnaire checks your ability to read visual symbols and see connections within them or each other.
  •   There are a total of 60 questions.
  •  Part I: For question 1 to 30 there is a set of 5 symbols. You have to see the connection in the sequence and choose what symbol would come next (?).
  • Part II: For question 31 to 60 follow the instructions as given.
  • Answers Choices are provided below for each question. You have to choose the best/closest choice. (Tick the appropriate choice in the answer sheet provided.)
  •  You have 45 minutes time to complete this.  
  • Please ensure you have filled in your bio-data in the answer sheet in CAPITAL LETTERS.
  •   For clarifications call the test coordinator.


TEST - AD (English Version) ©


  • Make sure you have both the Questionnaire and the Answer Sheet.
  •  Please write down your name and other details asked in your Answer sheet, now.
  • This booklet contains some questions to see what attitude or interest you have. There are no right or wrong answers because everyone has the right to his / her own views.
  • There are 3 possible answers to each question. Cross (X) the option you have chosen viz. a, b or c in the answer sheet. Do not think much on any of the question. Pick up the one, which comes naturally to your mind.
  • Try not to pick “uncertain”, “can’t say” answers except when the answer at either end is impossible for you.
  • Try to answer all questions.
  • You have 40 minutes to complete this.